Proud to have shared my “15 Minutes” with my Friends, Family and God.
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Hey all, I made a little change in the Website. Now almost every link goes to my MySpace page. (Except for donations and Links)

This might seem an inconvenience, but it is soooo much easier to upload things, keep up-to-date on it and it has become a tremendous aid to comedians all over the country. I think to browse my site; you'll have to set up a MySpace page. But, it is totally worth it! It's free, I don't see any money from this, so please know this is a sincere endorsement. It is a great tool to keep your friends and family apprised of events, pictures and information. I hope if you don't have a MySpace account; you'll consider setting one up and forgive my forcing you to do so. Who knows, maybe you'll thank me later. Oh, and check the pages of people who want to be your "MySpace Friends" there are solicitors and spammers there just like most of the Internet. But thanks again for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy visiting my MySpace page at:


But, here again is the basic information on me compiled from a number of sources:

On November 20th, 2005 Brendan (Dan) McKown’s life was irrevocably changed when he attempted to stop a gunman’s rampage in the Tacoma Mall. Shot five times while drawing his own weapon, Dan was instantly paralyzed and left for dead.

It was said that the shooter had 600 rounds of ammunition that he had intended to use on his rampage. But, after looking down the barrel of someone else’s gun; he changed his plans, went on the defensive (taking several hostages) and after a brief stand-off: Ultimately surrendered.

Dan McKown lay on the floor of Kits Camera over an hour before he could receive medical attention and spent many more in surgery. If not for the quick efforts of Crystal Tyler and Moses Martinez; Dan’s wounds might have been too much for his surgeons. With between 30 and 40 people waiting in the Emergency and then Intensive Care wards Dan had a lot of prayers and support. After his surgeries he had a steady stream of visitors keeping his spirits up, not least of which was the friends he had made in the comedy community.

At the behest of Ty Barnett; Kris Brannon & Susan Jones organized a benefit concert hosted by Travis Simmons that showcased no less than 30 comedians and raised several thousand dollars. Now, a little more than six months later & after hundreds of hours of physical therapy: Dan has regained use of his right leg and can walk short distances in a walker or crutches.

He has since returned to his writing and has been asked to tell his story as a guest and occasionally a motivational speaker.

Credited with stopping the rampage and his shooter sentenced to over 160 years, Dan has been invited to participate in local government. Dan has been appointed to the city of Tacoma's Human Rights Commission as well as begining to help with the Cops & Docs program. He is also working on writing as well as working with his Troupe: Comedy Kaleidoscope.

Dan has been called a Hero, a Victim, an inspiration and a symbol for
and against Gun Control, but what ever you call him; He will (with the help

of God, his family, friends, his Physicians and therapists) push forward.
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This page has been updated, but is still under construction. Thanks for your patience.
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